Moses Urbano is a world-renowned Pilates Instructor who has continued to work with private clients, other Pilates teachers, celebrities and professional athletes since completing his certification in 1999 under the direction of Romana Kryzanowska at The Pilates Studio of New York. 


His passion is to share his journey in Pilates and support Pilates instructors around the world. 


Known for his dynamic hands-on approach to teaching Pilates, he is sought-after for Pilates training events and workshops.  His base is San Diego and Los Angeles, California in the USA and Berlin, Germany in Europe.  Moses keeps his own practice on the cutting edge by remaining forever a student of movement and staying current in continuing education with Romana’s Pilates.


In addition, Moses has been featured as a star performer in “Romana on Pilates – The Legacy Edition” and his live teaching is available on Pilatesology and PilatesAnytime


"Romana taught me ‘Contrology’ - that’s what Joseph Pilates called his work. I see it as an art form of movement and believe it is the best way to naturally cleanse the body of impurities and replenish it with vibrant energy.  It also happens to be a great way to exercise."  Moses

Pilates since 1998





phone: 619.843.3725